The Gospel

The word gospel literally means good news.

Therefore the gospel is the good news concerning Jesus Christ. The reason the gospel is good news is because it address a problem.


This problem is that we stand as sinners before a holy God. This means we are separated from him, we cannot be in relationship with him. But this is where the gospel becomes good news, because God has done what we could never do, he has restored our relationship with him through his son Jesus. Jesus came to earth, lived the perfect righteous life on our behalf, died the death that we deserved because of our sin, and was raised again on the third day. 


God reconcilied us to himself through Jesus. When we place our faith in Jesus, that he paid the penalty for our sin, we are brought into right relationship with God, we are not only forgiven but we also creditied Jesus' righteouness and are children of God.

It is our hope that you come to know the good news of Jesus and experience his grace.

"We now know that God is like Jesus. He is Christ like. And if He is, He is a good God. If the Heart at the back of the universe is like this gentle heart that broke upon the Cross, he can have my heart without qualification and without reservation." – E. Stanley Jones

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